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Extra Benefits Beyond Medicare

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Advantage DualPrime (HMO-SNP) members get these extra benefits beyond Medicare.

As a valued member, your plan includes the option for you to have a comprehensive health assessment in the comfort of your own home. This benefit is available at no cost through Porter Health, a leader in providing home and telehealth (online) visits.

Care Comes to You

  • Initially, a Care Guide will reach out to you by phone. Then they’ll arrange an in-home visit with a licensed health care practitioner. During the visit, you’ll receive a thorough health evaluation including lab work and screenings for diabetes, colon cancer, and kidney and vascular diseases. They’ll review your medical history and medications and answer any questions you may have.

Care Coordination

  • As a valued member, you can opt into the Porter Care coordination. This service provides valuable assistance getting the most out of your care. Porter Care can help you schedule appointments or arrange transportation, get lower cost medications or medical equipment, and provide nutrition recommendations to improve your overall health.

    Your in-home assessment does not replace your yearly visit with your PCP. Both you and your PCP will receive a Clinical Visit Summary report that summarizes the results of your assessment. This will help you have an informed discussion at your annual check-up or next PCP visit.

Learn more: Member Information - Porter (

Member benefits include a flex card with a monthly allowance. Members can use the monthly allowance towards mail-order over-the-counter (OTC) products. OTC and Bath Safety items are available through mail order only.

Members that are diagnosed with a qualifying chronic condition can use all or a portion of the monthly allowance towards in-store groceries or utilities using the healthcare prepaid card provided by the plan to the member.

CareFirst members receive a $100 monthly allowance in calendar year 2024.

Once activated and attested to a qualifying condition, the $100 will be loaded on the card by the first of the following month and continue until the end of the year.

The monthly allowance must be used within a calendar month. Remaining allowance cannot be carried over to the following month. Your order will be applied to the month in which your order is received in. For example, if you mail your order form on June 29th, but we receive it on July 1st, your order total will be applied to your July benefit. OTC items cannot be purchased in-store.

What Types of Groceries Can You Purchase with the Prepaid Card?

Member Portal:

FAQ: Flex Benefit (OTC Mail Order, Groceries, and Utilities)

Have questions? Call 1-844-479-6334 TTY:71. Member Experience Advisors are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

2024 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit and Bathroom Safety Catalog (English) | 2024 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit and Bathroom Safety Catalog (Spanish)

Registered nurses are available 24/7 to discuss your symptoms with you and recommend the most appropriate care.

Call 800-229-8201 anytime to speak with a nurse. All available with a $0 copay.

NationsHearing® offers better hearing solutions for the best price. Your CareFirst plan offers additional hearing benefits: 

  • Routine hearing exam (1 per year): $0 copay 
  • 1 fitting and evaluation: $0 copay 
  • 3 follow-up visits within the first year from date of initial fitting: $0 copay 
  • Up to $1,950 every 3 years for hearing aids

For more information about routine hearing exams and  hearing aids, call:
Call 1-877-438-9544 (TTY: 711), 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

Good vision is not just crucial to your overall health. Good vision affects your quality of life. Your CareFirst plan helps you live your best. Your plan gives you access to a high-quality network and coverage. 

Routine eye exam: $0 copay—limited to 1 exam per year 

$150 annual allowance toward eyewear—includes contact lenses, eyeglass frames and lenses 
Medicare-covered eyewear after cataract surgery: $0 copay

For more information, call Superior Vision:
Call 1-844-475-6334 (TTY: 711), 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

Take advantage of your preventive dental coverage, provided at no cost. After all, a healthy mouth is a sign of a healthy body.

Preventive Dental Services: $0 copay 

  • Oral exam and cleaning: every 6 months 
  • Comprehensive oral exam: every 36 months 
  • Fluoride treatment: every 6 months 
  • Palliative treatment: 3 every 12 months 
  • Bitewing x-ray: once every 12 months 
  • Panoramic x-ray: once every 36 months 
  • Vertical bitewing x-ray: once every 36 months 
  • Intraoral imaging: once every 36 months

Comprehensive Dental Services: $0 copay 

  • $3,000 comprehensive annual allowance toward services (member is responsible for all costs over allowance) 
  • Restorative services: 1 per tooth once every 24 months 
  • Endodontics: 1 per lifetime, per patient, per tooth 
  • Crowns: once per tooth per 60 months 
  • Simple extractions 
  • Periodontics: 1 per quadrant of scaling every 36 months 

Periodontal maintenance: once every 3 months 

  • Denture repairs: once every 12 months 
  • Denture relines/rebase: once every 36 months 
  • Denture adjustments: 2 every 12 months

Denture Coverage: $0 copay 

  • Upper, lower, partial or any combination 
  • Once every 60 months

Does not apply to comprehensive dental allowance.

Call DentaQuest for information:
Call 1-844-474-6334 (TTY: 711)
8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

Good foot care starts with daily self-care. It can also involve routine visits to a foot doctor. Call a network podiatrist to be sure your feet are in good condition and that your footwear fits well. Your plan includes:

Routine visit: $0 copay—limited to 4 visits per year

For more information, call Member Services:
1-844-386-6762 (TTY: 711)

October 1–March 31: 8 am–8 pm EST, 7 days a week
April 1–September 30: 8 am–8 pm EST, Monday–Friday

Not having a ride shouldn’t stop you from good health. Non-emergency transportation is available to you. Your CareFirst plan includes trips to the pharmacy, medical visits and more.

$0 copay for 24 one-way trips per year

For routine transportation, call Safe Ride:
1-844-476-6334 (TTY: 711)

October 1–March 31: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Saturday
April 1–September 30: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

$0 copay for 12 consecutive weeks of meals for members with COPD, CHF, Diabetes or ESRD. Learn more through a care coordinator or manager.

For information, call Member Serivces:
1-844-386-6762 (TTY:711)

October 1–March 31: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Saturday
April 1–September 30: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

Members that are discharged from an inpatient hospital are eligible to receive 14 meals per 1-week period (limited to 8 benefit periods a year). Meals must be ordered through the plan.

For information, contact a care coordinator or care manager. 

Members with COPD, CHF, Diabetes, or ESRD will receive a medical nutrition therapy assessment and up to 3 follow-up coaching and goal setting sessions per benefit period.

For information, call Member Services: 
1-844-386-6762 (TTY:711)

October 1–March 31: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Saturday
April 1–September 30: 8 am–8 pm ET, Monday–Friday

Get peace of mind with a personal emergency response system (PERS). These devices offer emergency care, medication reminders and check-ins. All at the push of a button. 

$0 copay—available to select members upon discharge from an Inpatient Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

For information, call:
1-877-215-0635> (TTY: 711)

October 1–March 31: 8 am–8 pm EST, 7 days a week
April 1–September 30: 8 am–8 pm EST, Monday–Friday

Preventive care plays an important role in staying healthy. With the Healthy Rewards program, members can earn $15 in healthy rewards when they complete screenings like:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Annual wellness visit
  • Annual flu shot
  • Post-hospitalization physician visit
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Mammogram
  • Diabetes HbA1c screening test
  • Diabetic retinal eye exam

Learn more about Healthy Rewards here

areFirst has partnered with Candoo to help members learn how to use their internet-connected devices. From navigating a new device to creating e-mail addresses, Candoo offers instructional guides and videos to help members learn easily from home.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to use an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone
  • Identifying fake emails
  • Finding and downloading apps
  • Setting accessibility and phone hearing settings
  • How to set medication & appointment reminders
  • How to order groceries or other items online

Members have free access to a library of how-to guides & videos from Candoo Tech. To access the on-demand library, visit

Group lessons are available too. Visit to sign up for an upcoming group lesson online, view on-demand how-to guides and recorded group lessons. 

View the “Android Phone Basics” lesson here